Until now.

Do you know you've never actually had a relationship with someone, you've only had a relationship with your idea of someone?

We cannot fix a problem at the level it was created, and this is the reason many of our relationship issues never actually seem to resolve. They may get better for a while - and then they come back, we find a new issue, meet them again in the next relationship, or we continuously live in fear of the moment they rear their ugly head again.

The good news is - we don't actually have relationship issues.

We have issues with how reality works.

And whereas we have zero control over circumstances outside of ourselves (including our partners!) - we have full control over the relationship we have with reality!

Reality is actually the only place from which we can have a true relationship, with anybody, and in reality - there are no problems.

Relational Artistry introduces a groundbreaking approach to love and relating; one that does not just aim to solve the problems arising from the current relational paradigm - but introduces an all-together new model for relating that helps us correct the upside-down foundation on which relationships have been build - until now.


What You’ll Find Inside

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When you sign up, there are 11 workshop-like transmissions waiting for you (video, audio, PDF's, exercises) - that together cover the most fundamental aspects of relating: the abandonment wound, boundaries, getting your needs met, how to consciously navigate conflict, and more...

Every other week, a new topic will be added for you to contemplate and practice.
(most of them less time-consuming than the foundational 11)

The practices you receive in RA are practical, proven to be effective, and applicable to all the most common relating difficulties and challenges. They work from the bottom up.

The contemplations are meant to open your mind and give you entirely new perspectives that not only help you solve problems, but also stop creating new ones... they work from the top down.

For the membership curriculum: these are not in chronological order. Look for the speaker next to each item to see which ones are active, and the rest will be uploaded over time.

When you sign up, make sure you opt for receiving the school's emails, and/or add yourself to the private facebook group, to receive updates on new items added!

RA is for you if....

You deeply desire to have insight into the most common relationship difficulties - and how to smoothly and consciously navigate them

You are ready to face some uncomfortable truths about how you have been sabotaging your relationships through irrational fears, expectations, and beliefs - and how to work on breaking the habit of sabotaging and upsetting yourself

You want to recover from love addiction (most of us have it) and want to start relating from a place of fullness rather than emptiness

You want to stop having the same fight over and over and over

You want to turn relationships from a battleground to a playground.

You want to learn how to communicate in a way that doesn't leave you feeling chronically unheard, unloved, and neglected

You have any kind of relationship in your life (friendships, family, coworkers, community, intimate partners). The principles shared in RA are applicable to all relationships, not only romantic ones

You want to learn how to gracefully and openheartedly let go of relationships and lovers (and even have the ability to heal past relationships and reap the rewards in your present)

You want to come to see how every relationship is but a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself - and how to use this awareness as a tool to create the relationships you want

"Imaya's instagram posts alone have saved my relationship."

- Charlotte K.

"What this world needs is more love elders. Not people who promote picture perfect relationships (and don't tell you the truth behind the pretty pictures and stories), not more cookie-cutter advice from professionals, but people who possess the kind of wisdom that clearly comes from having seen beyond our current understanding and way of doing things, and offers us a way out of the merry-go-round of relationship struggles.

It doesn't take much to see that Imaya is not another relationship coach, but a bonafide love elder showing what love in action looks like. She knows a love that is not only beyond her years, it is beyond our times. And it is time."

- Stephan Madors

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