The Psycho-Spiritual Therapist


The class on life we never had.

Until now.

Have you ever experienced an insight so deep - that in that moment your entire life, past present and future - changed?

Perhaps it was when reading a mind-blowing book.

Perhaps it was in moment of seeing right through your conditioned ways of thinking and the story you believed for so long, falling away.

Perhaps it was when you came across one of my writings.

Whatever it was, the experience changed you as a person.

Maybe the experience lasted, maybe the experience faded.

But one thing can never fade: the awareness that life isn't what it seems to be.

That just by a different way of seeing, we can alter our entire experience of life.

What if I told you, that it is these insights that are the purpose of us being here, having this human experience?

What if I told you - that it is those insights that all of us are, consciously or unconsciously, looking for our entire lives?

What if I told you that these insights are you reconnecting to your true nature, and the true; kind, loving, supportive, and always benevolent nature of life itself?

What if I told you that you don't have to rely on the next book, workshop, or person to open your mind and expand your consciousness?

What if I told you, you can practice having more and more of these insights - through short and simple exercises?

And what if I told you that everything in life that sucks, that hurts, that you don't like - are the perfect setup for having these insights and life altering experiences?


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I have been incorporating Imaya's insights and methods for a while now and enrolled in a few of her programs. Initially because I was stuck in my own life situation and needed guidance. I've been to several psychologists and I was finally ready to admit that no conventional therapy ever made true, lasting changes.

Imaya helped me look at my 'problems' in a completely new light, a perspective that is missing from existing psychotherapeutic models. Imaya helped me see that the problems we have are created due to a way of seeing, and rather than treating the problems, we should address our way of seeing that creates our problems in the first place.

The results I booked with Imaya’s work made me curious and I have spend time researching what she calls the integration of spirituality and psychology. Scientific evidence of why this type of inner work, works, is growing. As a psychologist myself I noticed how much I could integrate what I had learned with Imaya, into my work.

Psychotherapy only takes you so far, in my personal and professional experience. Psycho-spiritual therapy can really heal and break negative patterns for life, and even prevent us from creating new problems.

- Charlotte Aerts, Licensed Psychologist

The Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

Imaya Sabine
Imaya Sabine

Imaya is a human experience student & expert. She breaks down esoteric teachings and psychological insights for happiness, true mental health, and emotional equilibrium to actionable every day life practices.

Diagnosed with depression and hospitalised for her mental health at age 20, she decided to leave the world of modern medicine and psychotherapy behind and travel far and wide in search for real answers.

After a decade of searching and experimenting she has not only healed her own mental illnesses, she has become a model and mentor for a new kind of well-being and freedom that the world is just beginning to recognize is our future.

Imaya demonstrates how our human experience and spiritual path are one and the same, and how we can use our daily life for spiritual awakening just as much as a yoga or meditation practice could. She brings spirituality down to earth as well as expands the current limitations of psychotherapy by recognizing that all our mental and emotional neurosis are rooted in the forgetting of who we really are.

She is currently writing a book, does public speaking and podcasts, and shares daily on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

Imaya believes that access to mental, emotional & spiritual health should be easily & affordably accessible to anyone, which is why a subscription to her program is only €20/month.